Respiratory Nurse Specialist

Dr Lisa Bradshaw RGN, Dip. Asthma, Dip COPD, Dip Allergy, MA, PhD

Lisa is a Respiratory Nurse Specialist at the Northern General Hospital and at the Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton. She was ward manager on the Respiratory Ward at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle before moving into a respiratory nurse specialist role. She has been a respiratory nurse specialist for the past 21 years working in County Durham, New Zealand and latterly in Sheffield.

Her research interest began in New Zealand when she worked for the Wellington Asthma Research Group. She has since developed an interest in occupational lung disease as well as asthma, work and wellbeing and the personal impact of occupational lung disease.

Lisa has a masters degree (research methods) and a PhD (occupational asthma) both from the University of Sheffield.

Her current research projects include; the prevalence of work aggravated asthma in the UK and a mixed methodology study investigating the barriers and enablers to uptake of occupational health surveillance in the UK.

Recent Key Publications

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