Respiratory Physiology for research

For investigators requiring Respiratory Physiology support for research, please follow these instructions:

  • download the Respiratory Physiology Research Approval Form.
  • follow the instructions on the form to complete it, and send it with a copy of your study protocol or project plan to . In all correspondence please copy in your Clinical Research Office / R&D Coordinator, and include the “STH study number”.

The Respiratory Physiology Department provides support to a wide range of research at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals for the Academic Directorate of Respiratory Medicine and other specialties including Neuroscience, Cancer, Cardiology and Professional Services. We undertake high-quality studies supported by the UK Clinical Research Network Portfolio, charities and research councils, and commercial partners, with the aim of improving and developing the best treatments available for people with respiratory and other health conditions.

Our research staff are experienced in respiratory testing for research and qualified with Good Clinical Practice certification, the internationally-recognised training for clinical research.

We can undertake a range of tests and procedures (click here for list of respiratory testing services). Tests performed have historically been used to determine diagnosis, monitoring of drug effects, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and end-points for studies.


  • Cheryl Roberts, Clinical Service Manager. Tel: (0114) 2714637. Email:

For general research enquiries see the research support section of this website (click here).