Research Database

The Respiratory Medicine department have a Research Database linked to the clinical database of all patients who attend for respiratory tests. The Research Database has been reviewed and approved by an NHS Research Ethics Committee and the STH R&D department. When patients visit the Out-patients department they may be given an Information Sheet, then a Clinician will ask them to sign a Consent Form.

By signing up, patients help by allowing their clinical information be used in two ways:

  1. Respiratory test results and clinical information can be used to improve treatment and understanding of disease, to improve respiratory testing, and to generate ideas for future research. The information used is anonymised and patients are not identified in any way.
  2. If patients are happy to do so, we may contact them every now and then to ask if they are interested in taking part in suitable future research studies or clinical trials.

Further information can be obtained from Dr David Fishwick and Dr Jim Lithgow (Research Coordinator)

Link: Patient Information Sheet