Lung Research Tissue Bank

The Bank

The principal purpose for establishing a lung tissue research bank at the University of Sheffield is to support a long-standing interest in lung cell biology. As such we have ongoing projects investigating aspects of lung mast cell and macrophage biology. Other cell types and lung-derived systems have been studied too. As part of this ongoing research we have curated more than 600 samples of ‘grossly normal’ lung tissue from individuals who have undergone lung surgery.    

Access for Investigators

It is possible for interested investigators to access the lung tissue bank. A project outline should be submitted (see contact details below) and this will be considered by the tissue bank’s Scientific Advisory Board. The outline should clearly indicate the purpose of the study, how many samples and how much of each sample is needed. Dependent on the extent and nature of the project, it may be necessary for the interested party to submit a separate proposal for ethical consideration by the National Research Ethics Service in order to facilitate release of samples from the bank. Whether the project requires separate ethical and R&D approval will be determined by the Scientific Advisory Board.  


Further details about the tissue bank can be obtained from Peter Peachell (