New study to test a ballooned chest drain to improve patient care 12th March 2019

Effective drainage of fluid and air in the space around the lungs (pleural cavity) is an essential tool for management of respiratory patients. However, classic chest drains have a high accidental removal or fall out rate. This can lead to increased discomfort to patients as they undergo multiple procedures to fit a chest drain and also contributes to healthcare costs. To avoid fall out extensive stitching or taping is often used which can contribute to patient discomfort.

This new study, lead by Royal Brompton and Harefield Foundation Trust, aims to test a new type of chest drain with a ballooned tip to determine whether this can reduce fall out rate. Patients will also be asked to record pain scores as it is hoped that these drains will also reduce discomfort by reducing the need for stitching and taping to secure the drain, and reducing the number of procedures to replace a drain which has fallen out.

Dr Duneesha De Fonseka is leading the study in Sheffield. Please contact for more information.