New SERENADE trial for patients with heart failure 15th December 2017

Researchers at the Sheffield Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit and Clinical Research Facility are participating in a new study for people with a certain type of heart failure. Heart Failure with "Preserved Ejection Fraction" (HFPEF) is a common form of heart failure, and some people who have experienced HFPEF also have pulmonary vascular disease (affecting the blood vessels of the lungs).  Earlier studies have shown that a drug called Macitentan may provide some benefit to people with the combined conditions of HFPEF and pulmonary vascular disease. The international SERENADE trial which is sponsored by the company Actelion will aim to recruit at least 5 patients in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. For furher information please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr Thanos Charalampopoulos, at