Sleep and Ventilation

Sheffield Thoracic Assisted Respiration Service (STARS) STARS is a regional specialist unit providing diagnostic and management services for patients with Sleep and Ventilation problems throughout South Yorkshire.

The unit is based at the Northern General Hospital, but works closely with the Neurology Sleep Service at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital to provide a comprehensive and rapid diagnostic pathway for all disorders related to sleep. Full and Respiratory Polysomnography, overnight oximetry screening, transcutaneous capnography, actigraphy and vigilence/wakefulness testing (OSLER and MLST/MWT) are available.

The service has extensive expertise in managing Sleep Disordered Breathing, including Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Central Apnoea, Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome, Hypercapnic respiratory failure due to chronic lung disease and Cheyne-Stokes Respiration due to Heart Failure. In addition, patients with neurological sleep disturbance such as Restless legs syndrome, Parasomnia, Sleep Phase delay and Chronic Insomnia are assessed in an integrated, multi-disciplinary manner.

We provide a full complement of treatments including lifestyle advice, medications, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), Bilevel support, full Home Ventilation and work closely with patients to ensure support is provide to maximise the chances of successful long term treatment. Through close links with the Ear, Nose and Throat service we are able to ensure that patients considering surgery for snoring are appropriate screened and managed also.

The majority of patients are managed on an outpatient basis through our Sleep Physiology unit, and we provide a daily drop-in-service for patients with concerns or problems. For those patients requiring more intensive monitoring, elective admission beds are available with private rooms and facilities.

For those patients with very severe breathing and ventilatory problems, a dedicated Respiratory Support Unit is available to provide non-invasive ventilation in the circumstance of acute respiratory acidosis and ventilatory weaning. This unit is staffed by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team and provides some of the best treatment outcomes in the UK.

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Dr Stephen Bianchi
MBChB, BSc (Hons), PhD, FRCP(Lon), MBA
Consultant Physician in General and Respiratory Medicine and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine

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