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Lung cancer is the second commonest incident cancer in men and women and the commonest cause of cancer death in both sexes in the UK. It is known to be associated with smoking and a number of other workplace exposures. Approximately 450 patients are investigated and diagnosed with lung cancer in STH each year.

We are fortunate to have a well integrated, multidisciplinary lung cancer service in the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and are the Cancer Centre for the North Trent Cancer Network.

The weekly multidisciplinary team meeting occurs between 8.15 and 10.30am on Tuesday mornings and is attended by:

  • Consultant Respiratory Physicians (Dr Jennifer Hill, Dr Shiron Saha and Dr Leon Lewis)
  • Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Dr Patricia Fisher)
  • Consultant Medical Oncologists (Prof Penella Woll / Dr Sarah Danson)
  • Consultant Thoracic Radiologists (Dr Sue Matthews / Dr Catherine Hill / Dr Matthew Bull / Dr Aki Kamil)
  • Consultant Thoracic Surgeons (Mr John Edwards / Mr Jagan Rao /Ms Laura Socci)
  • Consultant Histopathologists (Dr Kim Suvarna / Dr Yota Kitsanta / Dr Jonathan Bury)
  • Specialist Lung Cancer Nurses (Sr Anne Clegg, Sr Paula Munro, Sr Sarah Field, Sr Helena Stanley, Sr Suzanne Miles).

Trainees from all disciplines attend to learn about lung cancer. All patients suspected or known to have lung cancer are discussed in this multidisciplinary forum and management decisions are planned by the team. There are twice weekly diagnostic lung cancer clinics. One of these is a parallel clinic attended by Respiratory Physicians, Clinical Oncologist (Dr Fisher), and a Palliative Care consultant. Specialist Lung Cancer Nurses are present in both of these clinics to support newly diagnosed and follow up patients.

The STH MDT hosts the network mesothelioma MDT and all patients diagnosed with mesothelioma in the network are discussed (as a second opinion) by the STH lung cancer team.

The MDT is supported by dedicated clerical staff (Nicola Burden and Sara Shaw) who are responsible for ensuring that all the clinical results and x-rays are available, and for arranging patient appointments.  The pathway coordinator (Julie Key) is responsible for ensuring that patients are treated within the cancer waiting times targets, and ensuring that complete data on all patients is uploaded to the national lung cancer audit (LUCADA).

Staging investigations (including breathing tests, x-rays, CT and PET scans, bronchoscopies and needle biopsies) are carried out at NGH. STH provides the network endobronchial ultrasound service (EBUS). Patients requiring thoracic surgery are admitted to the Chesterman Wing at NGH, where nurses, physiotherapists and anaesthetists are experienced in the management of lung problems.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are delivered at Weston Park Hospital, where there is a large team of specialist nurses, radiographers, pharmacists, social workers, etc.  Treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual patients, taking into account their general health, the stage and location of their tumour. Many patients are offered a combination of different treatments, such as surgery+chemotherapy or chemotherapy+radiotherapy.  The full range of treatments for lung cancer is available in Sheffield, including hyperfractionated radiotherapy (CHART) and SABR.  Treatment is given in accordance with national guidelines and the latest research evidence.  As STH is the Cancer Centre for the North Trent Cancer Network, patients from Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster and Rotherham hospitals who require radiotherapy or thoracic surgery are sent to Sheffield. Most chemotherapy is delivered locally in the units, and it is rare for patients to need to travel to STH for chemotherapy.

Many patients have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research studies, as Sheffield leads the UK in recruitment to national lung cancer trials. In addition, Professor Woll leads a research team undertaking laboratory based lung cancer research in the University of Sheffield.

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Dr Jennifer Hill
BMedSci, BMBS, MRCP, DM (Nottingham), FRCP (London and Glasgow)
Consultant, Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer
Dr Leon Lewis
Dr Shiron Saha